A few words about February

They say that “February is coming – wear good shoes” – after all, it is still a winter month. However, there is so much going on in our kindergarten that we always enjoy it and feel a lot of joy. It’s true that we are looking forward to spring, but we had our hands full in February, so time flies very quickly.

We invite you to read a short report on the activities we have undertaken.

On February 8, musicians came to us and played a concert using a clarinet. Our preschoolers were delighted, they willingly took part in the proposed games, they sang, played and had a great time with the musicians. It cannot be denied that we have very musical children in kindergarten.

Less than a week later, a carnival ball was held in our kindergarten. Our preschoolers turned into dragons, princesses, policemen and many other fairy-tale characters. The animator made sure there were plenty of interesting games and activities. The Teachers prepared a beautiful decoration dominated by circus clowns. It was great fun, everyone left happy, but at the same time very tired.

After the carnival variations, it was time for Valentine’s Day madness. Throughout the week, the children prepared cards for their friends so that they could give them to them on Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14. The Valentine’s Day mail did not disappoint and everyone, even teachers, received greeting cards on that day.

After games, balls and fun, it was time for other activities. Our Kindergarten was invited by the Radio Zet Foundation to the project “Disability. I understand, I accept, I suport”. During it, children carry out a number of tasks aimed at:

– developing the skill of discerning differences and similarities among people by appreciating diversity as a distinctive trait, and deepening knowledge about oneself.;
– learning about people with disabilities, their capabilities and limitations;
– recognizing and naming basic emotions and developing awareness that they are universal for all people;
– developing the feeling that helping other people should be part of everyone’s everyday life and learning how to provide help safely;
– shaping attitudes conducive to individual and social development.

Children are very eager to perform the exercises proposed in the project. They get to know their own emotions and the emotions of other people, they learn what the Braille alphabet looks like and what communication using sign language looks like. This is a very valuable lesson for everyone.

But February is not only about interesting parties, events and projects. It is also everyday work with children. What did each group accomplish this month? The dolphins made a number of art works. The first activity was the nest. It’s true that it’s still winter, but you can already feel that the air is getting warmer, so before we know it, spring will arrive.

After the nests, it was time for the dinosaurs. Dinosaur Day was celebrated grandly in each group. Children had the opportunity to perform many interesting tasks. The dolphins prepared their stone dinosaurs, which they later decorated with beautiful colors.

The squirrels looked for dinosaurs in colored rice, performed physical exercises using sensory integration equipment and looked at illustrations of dinosaurs. This day was extremely intense and full of many interesting facts. At the end, the Squirrels could test their knowledge by taking a quiz about dinosaurs.

In addition to dinosaur day, the Squirrels learned about another very interesting topic in February. It was related to space. Preparing posters, naming the planets, talking about the stars was something that made the children very involved and willingly performed all the tasks prepared by the teachers.

Geese, on the other hand, strongly focus on the development of sensory integration, especially the touch sphere. That’s why classes in this group often include sensory foams, plasticine and plasticine. After all, a dirty child is a happy child.

I think February was a very interesting month and a lot happened in it. What awaits us in March? It’s a surprise, but it’s the first spring month, so we’ll definitely celebrate the arrival of spring.