The first month of intensive work in the kindergarten is behind us. Some children continue their adventure in Kids Island, but some of them entered our facility for the first time to become a preschooler. The beginnings are not the easiest ones, but thanks to the support of their parents and reliable teachers: mrs Asia and mrs Kasia, the children quickly found themselves in a new situation. Especially that nobody could complain about bored in September.

We started our autumn adventures with the participation of mrs Alina, who played a beautiful concert for us. The children were listening to the presented sounds. The first topic of our series of musical meetings was: Not only Żelazowa Wola for our idol – the piano.

At the beginning of September, a very important workshop was also held, during which preschoolers learned what garbage segregation is and how it can be carried out. The ladies who conducted the classes were extremely empathetic and open. They also had many interesting teaching aids that interested little Friends of Nature.

On September 20, we celebrated the Kindergarten Day. Each group had a number of activities planned for that day. We were visited by basketball players who conducted sports activities with preschoolers. There were also refreshments, small gifts and pleasant outdoor games with the use of soap bubbles and chalk. Each child could also turn into a favorite fairy-tale character, thanks to the magic crayons which we used to paint our faces. The joy was great, and the day was extremely successful.

Two days later we decided to welcome AUTUMN. The weather was bad, but it’s nothing terrible for us. All activities were carried out in our rooms. Preschoolers could develop their creative skills because they took part in painting workshops. Properly prepared, dressed in long white shirts, with brushes in hand, they created works dominated by autumn colors – red, yellow and brown. Looking at the created works, one gets the impression that we are dealing with real artists.

On September 27, we invited parents, children and their siblings to play together. We organized a family picnic, which was led, as usual, by mrs Alina. On the playground, children and their parents could play to the autumn songs. We had the opportunity to get to know each other, talk to each other and integrate. Of course, there were also snacks, both for the youngest and the slightly older ones. The attendance was 100% and the weather was beautiful – the only nice day that week. Therefore, after the concert, my parents decided to stay a little longer, sitting on blankets, picnicking and enjoying the autumn sun.

On September 29, we were visited by the Pinocchio Theater. During the puppet show, the children learned how to behave during a visit to the forest and what the animals think about poor human behavior in the forest that is their home. At the end, the whole meeting was summarized and the actors asked the children how they behave during walks. It was a very important lesson for all of us.

September ended with Boy’s Day on September 30. The boys were appreciated with small gifts.

As you can see, in our kindergarten there is no time for boredom. Children learn through play, integrate and spend time together. Each activity carries a lot of educational content. Are you curious what will happen in other months? By revealing a bit of a secret, I can only say that there are many attractions waiting for us.