April weather, rain and sunshine both together. And so was April this year. Rather rainy and cool. But of course in our kindergarten the atmosphere is already spring and joyful. This year, in April, there were also Easter holidays, so there were also preparations for them.

At the very beginning, the children of the youngest group, Dolphins, decided to sow oats. Throughout April, they watched as the first leaves slowly appeared, and with each passing day it was getting bigger and bigger. It was an extremely interesting experiment that gave young gardeners a lot of joy and a sense of satisfaction in growing a plant on their own.

In the meantime, of course, preparations for holidays continued. Children not only learned about Easter traditions, but also made various decorations. Lambs, flowers and eggs have therefore become an inseparable part of our everyday life.

On April 21, we were visited by a special guest – a gentleman who is a sound engineer. He brought professional equipment with him and conducted music workshops with the children. Preschoolers could play with their voice. It turned out that they enjoyed it a lot. At the end, the children of the Cats and Fish group recorded a beautiful song together. What? You will find out about it soon

April 22 is International Earth Day. We have been celebrating it in Poland for over 30 years. However, every year, on this day, you should carefully consider how you can take care of our planet. Our preschoolers decided to take care of their immediate surroundings and cleaned the playground together. The Fishes Group has also done beautiful art work using swelling paints. It was an important and beautiful day in our kindergarten. Certainly thanks to this, it will be easier for us to remember that we have to care for our planet every day!

On April 28, we hosted a theater with the play “Kruszynka”. The story was about a female elephant who was rude to her friends. Fortunately, she reflected in time and changed her behavior. Each such performance is very valuable and allows children to understand many difficult emotions. Our preschoolers are very eager to participate in such events.

We also celebrated the Book Day in our kindergarten. Children from each group were asked to bring their favorite book to the kindergarten. They told their peers what it was about and why they liked it, and showed beautiful illustrations that were placed in them. This is one of the important moments when young people are introduced to literature and are encouraged to use books.

Another important thing that took place in April in our kindergarten was participation in the Entire Poland Paints Giga Card for Forest Guardians campaign. It is a unique initiative whose main goal is to thank foresters and firefighters for their commitment and work to make it safe. Our Giga card was made by all children and found its place in a central point so that everyone who comes to us can admire it.

April was also a very important month for our youngest preschoolers. The swearing-in ceremony of the preschooler took place on April 14th. It was the first event in two years that parents could also take part in. The young artists sang a few songs and were officially included in the preschool community. There was also a snack at the end.