Art classes are an inseparable element of kindergarten work. Children love to paint, draw or paste. It gives them a lot of joy and satisfaction. However, it turns out that such activities perform many other important functions. which ones? I invite you to read the text on the impact of art classes on child development.

Supporting the proper development of a child is one of the most important tasks set for educational institutions. It turns out that this can be achieved by giving the child the opportunity for creative expression. Art and construction classes affect, among others, to the cognitive sphere. How? Thanks to them, we have a chance to properly stimulate and develop the child’s sensitivity, both visual, auditory and tactile. A young person concentrates better and improves his perceptiveness. He is also more aware of what is happening around him. He begins to pay attention to people, things and phenomena. During art classes, imagination, creativity and creativity are developed. Basic mental operations are also formed, which include synthesis, analysis and generalization.

The positive impact of art classes also becomes visible in the emotional sphere. Children are more willing to express themselves, begin to talk about their emotions, name the feelings that accompany them in various situations. They are more motivated and willing to act. They can self-assess, talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Properly conducted classes can also affect the development of pro-social behavior and the emergence of the ability to cooperate and cooperate in a team. Difficult and aggressive behaviors are also minimized. The child is more self-aware, calms down and calms down faster. He also has better contact with teachers and peers.

Changes are also becoming visible in the operational sphere. The child begins to show initiative to take action more often and is not discouraged when some setbacks occur. His manipulative skills are also developing. He copes better with performing exercises in the field of fine motor skills, he stops avoiding precise games.

It is therefore very clear that artistic, visual, musical and creative activities have a significant impact on the development of a young person. It should be noted that they also provide a lot of attractions for children and make the stay in the kindergarten much more interesting and pleasant.

However, in order to consolidate the effects of work in kindergarten, it is worth practicing with your child at home. Crayons, paints, scissors, plasticine and … will be help ful here. sense of humor. It’s all about having a good time together.

Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz