Holidays are a wonderful time when time runs a little slower. Maybe it’s because of the heat outside, maybe the holidays we take. Regardless of the reasons for this state of affairs, it is worth stopping for a while or at least slowing down and spend this time with your children having fun together. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Playing with dirty substances – Most children like to get dirty and have a lot of fun doing it. Therefore, in addition to playing in puddles or mud, it is sometimes worth suggesting to children modeling with plasticine, modeling clay or preparing various plastic masses together. Salt masses, edible masses (e.g. carrot linin) or self-prepared kinetic sand work great. Many recipes can be found on the internet, so I encourage you to look for them.
  2. Building a base – who of us does not remember games in which he built houses or bases? This is a great activity for children because it affects the development of creative thinking and planning skills. Sometimes a blanket or sheet and a few pillows are enough to prepare the base. This can be supplemented with other “pretend” activities, such as drinking coffee or preparing dinner. It works great during stormy and rainy days.
  3. Dance games, e.g. show dancing – together with the child, you can choose an interesting song and arrange to show various things to it. It is best to show it alternately, once by the child and once by the parent.
  4. Cooking meals together – is not only a good way to spend time together, but also great fun. You can add various ingredients, mix, whip, squeeze, knead. And the end result is a delicious cake, cupcakes or salad.
  5. Stalking with children – they allow you to improve your logical thinking and give you a chance to deal with various emotions that appear during the process.Gra w klasy.
  6. Chalk painting on the pavement
  7. Playing with the ball
  8. Playing badminton
  9. Jumping on the rope

As you can see, you don’t need much to have a nice time together. Have fun and above all stay safe.
Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz