June is a very important month. Children celebrate their holiday there. But it is also the time when holidays begin, the weather is beautiful and the oldest preschoolers finish their first stage of education. So what was this month like? Happy and sad at the same time. There was a lot going on in it, but at the same time we were all aware that the time of parting would soon come. So see what happened with us in June and how we spent this time together?

 June 1 is the day when all adults make sure that children feel their best. Children’s Day is a very important holiday, especially in kindergarten. This year we decided to celebrate them in a unique way. There were games on the inflatable farm, sweet snacks and gifts. Each preschooler could feel special. It was a day full of intense impressions and many positive emotions.

In each group, children additionally had a number of attractions, such as making art works, playing with gifts received, dancing and integration games.

A few days later, for further celebration, we went on a picnic to an Indian village. Such picnics are already a tradition in our kindergarten. It is a day when we will meet not only with children, but also with their parents. We spend time together, talk and have fun. This is a moment that allows us to get closer to each other, integrate with each other.

 On June 14, our medium group, Dolphins, went on their first trip to the library. The children rode the bus, and then they had the opportunity to listen to what the library is, what is happening in it and what the process of borrowing books looks like. They could also look at different books themselves. It was a day that our preschoolers will remember for a long time.

 Of course, in addition to outings and trips, we also have other events in our kindergarten. As every month, there was a concert with a demonstration of the instrument. This time it was a harp. The children, as usual, had a great time, had a lot of fun singing together and eagerly listened to the sounds made by the harp. It was our last meeting with musicians this year. Next will be after the holidays.

In June, one of the mothers suggested that we conduct art workshops for children. Of course, we agreed with great joy. Preschoolers could prepare colorful jars and beautiful forests in a jar. It brought them a lot of fun. See for yourself how much fun they had while playing:

 On June 27th, the day came when the oldest preschoolers officially finished their time in kindergarten. The teachers prepared a beautiful artistic part. The children sang, danced and recited poems. Everything was accompanied by beautiful music, and Ms. Ewelina and Martyna took care of a wonderful decoration. There were no tears of emotion. At the end, each preschooler received a small gift as a souvenir of the time spent in kindergarten. We keep our fingers crossed for children to achieve as much success as possible at further stages of education

June gave us many positive memories and gave us a lot of joy. We will miss our preschoolers who are already going to school. But at the same time, we are happy that we could spend all these years together! Holidays and rest are ahead of us. Kindergarten will operate normally, but children will spend most of their time playing.