How to dress children for kindergarten?

The type of clothing depends heavily on the preferences of the child and the parent. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that kindergarten clothes should meet several requirements. Completing a good layette should be the most important task for parents. So what should you pay attention to when buying kindergarten clothes for your children? Below are some tips:

1) The outfit must be comfortable
The outfit must not be tight or tight and should allow full freedom of movement. There’s a lot going on in kindergarten. Children play on the carpet, run, jump and exercise, so they cannot feel embarrassed. Clothing must be made of flexible and soft materials.

2) Clothing should provide opportunities for developing independence.
Therefore, it is very important that they are easy to put on and take off. The child should have the opportunity to learn how to fasten buttons or zippers, but it is important to adjust the level of difficulty to the child’s age and abilities. For younger children, it is worth providing shorts with an elastic band that can be quickly removed in the toilet and shoes with Velcro, but with 6-year-olds you can easily try tying the laces in their shoes.

3) Clothes should not be too elegant or very expensive.
It is important to remember that children get dirty in kindergarten, whether while playing or eating. It should not be the case that this will generate severe stress for the child. It is also a good idea to ensure that the clothes are made of materials that are easy to wash.

What cannot be missing in a child’s layette?:

1) A change of clothes in case the child gets very dirty;
2) underwear;
3) a hat to wear when going for a walk or to the playground;
4) variable footwear;
5) a scarf or a scarf for windier days;
6) a sweatshirt that can always be worn in kindergarten, e.g. when it is relaxation time;
7) waterproof jacket and shoes.

It is also worth checking regularly to make sure nothing is missing in your child’s cupboard. If you also have doubts in this regard, it is worth asking teachers what clothes are the best. They have a lot of experience and know what works and what children feel good in. So let’s take care of children’s comfort. In kindergarten, it’s not about the clothes being expensive and branded, but about them being comfortable and ones that can easily get dirty or, for example, make a hole in them. This clothing often shows that the child had a great time with his peers.

Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz