How to help your child in the process of adapting to kindergarten?

September is approaching, and with it the beginning of the pre-school adventure. Some children have no problem with separation. They willingly cross the threshold of their room and quickly get used to changes. But what if the child finds it difficult to part? Here are a few tips to help you say goodbye:

  • The farewell should be short, but it cannot involve rushing the child. Long conversations in the corridor also make it hard for the toddler to part with the parent.
  • The parent should leave the kindergarten quickly. Even when the child cries after leaving, the teachers are able to soothe him. Standing in the doorway and listening to what’s going on causes tension and stress in the parent. It’s hard not to interfere with what’s going on in the room.
  • A parent’s motto should be to stay calm, and the hallmark should be a smile. The child then knows that nothing bad is happening and the kindergarten is a really nice place.
  • The child should be brought on his own legs. It’s definitely harder for a parent to part with a child who is in their arms.
  • Use words like: Have fun. They suggest that kindergarten is a pleasant place where fun takes place.
  • Do not lie to the child when saying that the parent is going to the store.
  • Keep your promises. If we say that we will pick up the child after lunch, remember that he will be waiting for us to come.
  • Do not scare the child, for example, that if he does not stay in kindergarten, we will take away his favorite toy.

9) The phrases should be avoided: don’t be afraid/I’m sorry but you have to stay here today/I’m sorry but I have to go to work.

In addition, it also helps:

  • coming to kindergarten on time;
  • peace;
  • showing positive emotions by the parent;
  • showing trust in kindergarten staff;
  • reading and watching books about kindergarten;
  • spending time with the child after returning home from kindergarten, talking about what was happening in the kindergarten, what were the child’s impressions;
  • giving the child a chance to become independent.

We wish you good luck at the beginning of your preschool journey!!!

Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz