The funniest, the greenest
May has habits.
In four directions – the green world
I am blessed with May!
Warm rain with every drop
develops around
from buds – flowers, from leaves – leaves,
from herbs – lush herbs.
A sunny day after the rain
painted with a rainbow
likes to bind silver drops
on spider thread.
And when the warm night comes
when the day has gone silent,
May smells like lilac, heavenly voices
calls nightingales!

 Yes, it’s May! May, which is a beautiful month. Spring is in full swing, flowers and trees are blooming, but it’s not too warm yet, so you can fully enjoy being outdoors. How was May in our kindergarten? Busily! Because in May we celebrate one of the most beautiful holidays – Mother’s Day. From the first days, the children worked bravely to prepare gifts and performances. They learned to sing, dance and recite. They spoke poems in Polish and English. And all this so that their mums and dads get the most beautiful gift – the whole evaluation of emotion 😊

 The whole event took place in our kindergarten on May 24th. Then our parents visited us and together we could celebrate and enjoy the beautiful performances. It was an extraordinary time!

 Of course, it was one of the most beautiful events in our kindergarten in May. But as you can guess, he wasn’t the only one. After all, we try to make children have as many positive memories of their stay in our facility as possible. Therefore, as every month, actors from the Tin Drum Theater visited us. They came with a show about pirates. They encouraged the children to actively participate and play with them. Did our preschoolers like it? VERY!

 Right after Mother’s Day, on May 25, we hosted musicians who this time presented us with the viola. The children enjoyed listening to the sounds the instrument makes. They also took part in numerous games to music and could sing a few spring songs together.

 In May we also celebrate Library Day. Our oldest preschoolers, Squirrels, went for a walk to the library. They had the opportunity to hear about what it’s like to work in such a place. They learned how to borrow books and could look at books that interested them. It was a very informative outing, after which the children will surely become regular visitors to the library.

 May is also a month in which attention is paid to physical activities. Our teachers encourage children to spend their free time actively. However, in order to build these types of habits, it is necessary to introduce sports activities also during classes. All groups take care of it, and our ladies come up with various competitions and sports games that are attractive to children.

Of course, sport is health, and even better when it goes hand in hand with healthy eating. One of the elements of proper nutrition is drinking fresh fruit juices. Such knowledge was acquired in May by the Dolphins, who prepared delicious juices together with their teachers. Each child could squeeze the juice themselves and then taste it 😊

 As you know, in our preschool we attach great importance to learning English. But it doesn’t have to be boring. All in all, any conditions are good to learn new words, songs or rhymes. The dolphins decided that such activities could take place on the playground and not in their room. Our preschoolers seem to enjoy learning outdoors. Especially since right after class, they could run to the sandbox and slides.

 May passed very quickly. But with what attractions May the next months be equally interesting.