We started November very intensively. After a short break, on November 4, the musicians visited us with their concert. It made it possible for us to improve your favorite teddy bears and listen to different songs with them. During the concert, the subject of animals in the shelter was also discussed.

On November 8, we were visited by a special guest – a beekeeper. He took the hive and real bees to us. So the children could see what such insects look like. The search for the queen turned out to be the most fascinating. The beekeeper not only told his stories in a very interesting way, but also showed many photos and illustrations, and made the children wear outfits suitable for working with bees. Preschoolers also had the opportunity to make real beeswax candles. The classes were extremely interesting and colorful. Children could learn many interesting facts about bees and their life. They also showed great knowledge in this field.

In November, there is a holiday important for Poland. On November 11 we celebrate the Independence Day. Therefore, on November 10, our kindergarten took part in the “School to the hymn” campaign. At 11:11, festively dressed, holding the white and red flags, we sang the Polish national anthem. Of course, the whole event was preceded by intensive preparations. The children repeated information about Polish national symbols and actively participated in their preparation. The Fish Group also participates in the “BohaterOn” project, which perfectly matched this holiday. As part of the project, we watched a puppet show about the Warsaw Uprising.

On November 22, we hosted actors from the Blaszany Bębenek theater. In an interesting way for children, they presented a fairy tale entitled “Pinocchio”. Thanks to her, children could understand that truthfulness is a very important value. The performance was a combination of the lines spoken by the actors, establishing a dialogue with children and diversified by dance and gymnastic exercises. Our preschoolers liked it and made a lot of fun.

On this day, each group also celebrated the Day of Kindness. It is a very important holiday because during it we remind ourselves that we should be nice to others. Even if we don’t like each other too much, everyone deserves respect. It is worth remembering these values with children. Therefore, preschoolers had the opportunity to listen to interesting stories and prepared beautiful, colorful and smiling faces that symbolized being kind.

November 25 is the Day of the Teddy Bear. And as you know, every preschooler has his or her favorite mascot. Even adults have mascots that make their faces smile. Therefore, we decided that our Thursday classes will be devoted to teddy bears. Children could exceptionally bring their mascots, which they told us about. In addition, they took part in various activities, solved work cards, took pictures of themselves in a photo booth prepared by Mrs. Ewelina and sang bear songs. There was a lot of joy, laughter and fun.

On November 29, we completed our participation in the “BohaterOn” campaign. Preschoolers from the oldest group, Rybki, prepared their cards for the insurgents. They were beautifully decorated and handwritten by children. All of them were placed in one envelope and addressed. Children not only had the opportunity to learn a few issues about the Warsaw Uprising, but also improved their skills related to sending cards and addressing envelopes.

Ahead of us is a beautiful and extremely magical month – December. We are already looking forward to what will happen at this time in our kindergarten.