October was another very intense month in our kindergarten. In addition to implementing the core curriculum, we took part in various activities and initiatives. Since October, we have been participating in the “Czyściochowe Przedszkole” campaign. Our preschoolers received special diaries in which we mark the skills they will already receive. This action is especially important during a pandemic. In a fun and attractive way, we can systematically remind children to wash their hands or take care of hygiene in general.

On October 7, we hosted musicians who once again took us on a magical journey to the world of sounds. This time they used a trombone and a trumpet in class. They prepared fall songs that allowed us to feel the magic of this season even more.

From 5 October, sports activities have become a permanent part of our schedule. Thanks to participation in the “Healthy and sport” campaign, we can improve the functioning of our preschoolers, strengthen their coordination, control over their body and movement. Everyone knows that exercise is health. Children willingly participate in the activities and wait for them impatiently.

A pumpkin competition is a tradition in our kindergarten. So it could not be missing this year as well. From 25 to 27 October, the little artists and their parents brought pumpkins to kindergarten. As every year, we were surprised by the creativity of some. It cannot be denied that choosing the most beautiful pumpkin was not an easy task. All preschoolers and employees took part in the vote. Three main places were selected, and one child was awarded a distinction. On October 29, the competition was adjudicated and the diplomas and prizes were presented.

On October 26, we were visited by a sergeant major from the Wrocław-Fabryczna police station. She reminded children about the rules of the road and how to take care of their own safety. It turned out that our Preschoolers know the rules very well and have knowledge of how to cross the street and how to interpret certain road signs. Children actively participated in the activities and showed a great deal of patience and commitment. At the end, they received small gifts: stickers, diplomas and coloring books. It was another intense day that allowed the children to increase their safety awareness.

On October 28, a theatrical performance took place in our kindergarten. Our preschoolers liked the story of an orphan who was looking for a home and love. They watched what was happening on the stage with full attention and concentration.

Do you think November will also be exciting? There are already many plans. So we can safely say that in our kindergarten there is no time for boredom.