Ideas for Christmas activities with children

Christmas is a very inspiring time. Especially when it’s snowing and frosty outside. We haven’t experienced this for a long time, but everyone admits that this period is associated with pleasant emotions and feelings. This is also the time when children most often do not go to kindergarten and school. Therefore, it is worth offering them activities that they can do at home. Below are some inspirations for Christmas fun with your children:

– Involving children in preparing gingerbread – this is a fantastic sensory activity. Children can smell the aromas, knead the dough, try the ingredients, decorate gingerbread, and finally eat it or hang it on the Christmas tree. There is no denying that it allows the whole family to have a nice time.


– Playing with snow, but without snow – of course, falling snow is an attraction in itself and activities related to it bring a lot of joy. However, it cannot be denied that the weather is often not favorable to us, but it is worth doing games with children that are closely related to winter. So you can prepare artificial snow. You can get it by mixing potato flour and shaving foam. Throwing snowballs is great for developing eye-hand coordination. For this purpose, it is worth crumpling white pieces of paper and throwing them towards yourself or another designated target. Another good exercise is making snow angels. However, if there is no snow outside, you can simply do a similar exercise in the comfort of your home.


– One of the Christmas traditions is decorating the house. This is an ideal opportunity to engage children and spend time together. What decorations are easy to prepare for the Christmas tree? A great solution is to make a chain from strips of colored paper. Many of you probably remember preparing it yourself as a child and how much fun it was. If we have the opportunity and patience, a good solution is to decorate Styrofoam baubles. You can use sequins, ribbons or regular markers for this purpose. You can make beautiful stars for the Christmas tree using ENT sticks and glue (preferably hot glue or magic glue). Finally, you can smear them with, for example, blue glitter glue to make them look even more like snowflakes.


– Preparing Christmas cards together – the tradition of sending cards is very nice and is worth cultivating. Especially when we don’t buy ready-made cards in the store, but prepare them together. They are a wonderful souvenir.


So you can see that there are many opportunities to spend time together around Christmas. Remember that this is a great way to spend time together. While preparing for the holidays, you can share your memories from this period with your children.

May it be a beautiful time spent in a nice atmosphere, with your loved ones J We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz