Before we knew it, the new year 2024 had arrived. Everyone has some plans and resolutions. We also have plenty of this. Kindergarten is a place where there is always something going on, children have new tasks and activities, and the teachers make sure that every day is special for them. What happened in January? You’re about to find out. You will find out what will happen in the coming months by following our social media and reading new texts posted on our website.

Let’s check what the Squirrels, Dolphins and Geese did in January.

Winter didn’t go away so easily this year, snow and frost lasted for several days. That’s why our preschoolers said that they need to take care of all the birds that stayed in Poland for the winter. This is how a feeder was created and hung on a tree next to the kindergarten. From the window of the Dolphins’ room you can look at him all the time and check who is visiting him for a meal. The children make sure that the birds always have something to eat. So they add grains systematically.

As you know, our kindergarten has no shortage of additional activities and classes for children. They not only allow you to have a nice time, but also give preschoolers a chance to systematically develop their interests. One of the activities we undertake are theater classes. Mrs. Wiktoria, who runs it, is an extremely creative and energetic person. He can charm our kids. Not only does he work with them on acting, but he also introduces elements of dancing, singing and diction exercises. These activities influence the development of imagination and creativity in children.

Activities in our kindergarten are not only fun, but also educational. Teachers undertake a number of activities aimed at improving children’s cognitive, emotional and motivational development. They come up with interesting tasks and puzzles, introduce elements of competition and competitions, and teach children how to talk to each other and how to wait for their turn. Due to the fact that some teachers also have additional therapeutic qualifications, they look at children with a professional eye and focus on improving the functions that need it most.

Our big advantage is also English classes. They take place every day in each group. During them, children learn new words, learn poems and songs, and have fun using English phrases. The teacher makes sure that each class is interesting for preschoolers, prepares interesting aids and introduces elements of physical exercises. This form of learning is pure pleasure!

In each group, apart from learning, many additional things happen. Ladies organize celebrations of unusual holidays. In January, these included: Popcorn Day and Pizza Day. Our preschoolers had the opportunity to perform interesting related tasks and were invited to watch a movie together like in a cinema, of course combined with munching popcorn.

January is also a special holiday. We celebrate Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day there. Every preschooler speaks fondly of their grandparents, so we were very satisfied with preparing gifts and a show for them. The children and their teachers came up with the idea to make soaps for their grandmothers and cards and key chains for their grandparents. It was colorful and fragrant in our kindergarten.

All these preparations were necessary so that on January 30th, the grandparents could see their grandchildren and spend time with them. The children prepared beautiful performances, in which songs and dances were interwoven with reciting nursery rhymes. Beautiful costumes added magic to this event. Of course, there was no shortage of treats for the children, grandmothers, and grandfathers. It was a magical day. We are very happy that we could contribute to bringing smiles to the faces of the grandparents.

This was our January. The next winter month, February, promises to be equally active. Stay with us.