Time flies very fast. Recently, we were preparing to start the school year, and here it is June, which is a month of summaries and goodbyes. It cannot be denied that this is one of the most important months in our work. Children finish a certain stage in their lives, become older, move on to new groups, and some of them finish their pre-school education at all and move on into the world.

But before the breakups and goodbyes, a few words about what June gave us and how we had fun this month. Our June adventure began on the first day of this month. It is an extremely important date that everyone remembers – it is the holiday of all children. Our preschoolers also had the opportunity to play together. Teachers organized games and activities in the open air. Sports activities were also held on this day. At the end, the children got a sweet snack and a ball to play with. Joy was endless. It was a really good day, full of many positive emotions.

On June 6, we continued the celebration together, but this time with a much-enlarged composition. We were accompanied by the children’s parents and their siblings. It was a beautiful day combining Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and Father’s Day. Its main goal was to integrate children, spend time together with loved ones and deepen the relationship between parents and teachers working in the kindergarten. Games and activities took place in the Indian Village and made our Preschoolers become real adventurers. Not only did they learn Indian songs, put on special makeup, but also walked barefoot on a specially prepared path and looked for the right path in the maze. It was a day that will remain in our memory for a long time, and the memories of it will brighten up cloudy days.

There was no end to our adventures in June. Just 3 days later, on June 9, the oldest group of Fishes embarked on their first trip in two years. Due to our participation in the Zdrowo i Sportowo action, we were invited to special sports workshops that took place in Decathlon. The trip to this place itself was a challenge. First the bus, then the tram, and at the end quite a long walk. On site, children had the opportunity to visit the store and play with the equipment contained therein. At the same time, the second group was bravely training under the watchful eye of two instructors. Children overcame obstacle courses and performed a variety of physical exercises.

The return to the kindergarten turned out to be full of many surprises. We missed the bus and we had to plan a new route. After we got back, one more surprise awaited us. On that day, we were visited by artists who prepared a guitar concert especially for us.

We had a lot of emotions on that day. We were very tired, but happy that we were able to see and experience so much.

June was also full of various artistic activities. Our little artists were able to show creativity and ingenuity during the classes proposed by the teachers. Anyway, you can see the effects of all this in the pictures below:

Our youngest preschoolers, Dolphins, were also busy in June. Together with the ladies, they prepared delicious fruit drinks on the Lemonade Day. All the ingredients had to be named and cut first. The children could smell them and took an active part in adding them to the previously prepared water. At the end, however, there was the most enjoyable stage – trying. It turned out that the lemonade prepared by the Dolphins is a perfect solution for warm summer days and is a great refreshment.

After this intense month, it was time to say goodbyes and summaries. On June 29, there was a solemn end of the preschool year in the oldest group of Fishes. Together with the teachers, the children prepared a beautiful theatrical performance. They invited their parents and kindergarten employees to a performance entitled “Cinderella”. The actors had great costumes and mastered their lines perfectly. Fortunately, despite many adversities, Cinderella found her prince and they all lived happily ever after. Finally, the teachers thanked the parents of six-year-olds for their efforts and joint work throughout the year. There was no end to emotions and thanks. It was a beautiful year during which we were able to gain new skills and experiences together. There was a time we put some new memories into our little drawers in the brain. We had fun together, spent time together, met interesting people and learned new things.

On our part, teachers, tutors and kindergarten employees, we would like to thank all of you for this great time, fun together and continuous cooperation. It was a challenging year for us, but thanks to mutual support, we did a great job!!!