Magical winter came to Wrocław at the beginning of December. It snowed, it was frosty, and our Preschoolers were bravely preparing for all the events planned for this month. It cannot be denied that December is a beautiful and festive month. The smell of spruce and orange hangs in the air, and each of us is waiting to meet our loved ones and receive gifts from Santa Claus We invite you to join us on a journey through what happened in December in our kindergarten.

December began with preparations for the holidays. Each group received Advent calendars with tasks for children. The first one was decorating the Christmas tree. The preschoolers prepared various decorations themselves and hung them on our Christmas tree. A beautiful fireplace appeared in the corridor, baubles were placed on the walls, and winter and Christmas decorations appeared in the windows.

In addition to the beautiful decorations that put us in the Christmas spirit, the children also had to prepare letters to Santa. Nicholas. They included information about what dreams preschoolers have and what they would like to receive as a gift. Some wishes have come true, others are still waiting.

On December 6, Santa’s Little Helper came to us. Nicholas himself had many duties planned for that day and did not manage to visit us in person. However, he left a letter explaining everything and sent a mischievous elf in his place. However, before preschoolers received their gifts, they had to cope with challenges and solve a number of riddles and puzzles prepared by Santa Claus. All this was accompanied by a lot of positive emotions. The children sang, danced and recited together with the elf, had fun with their teachers and enjoyed spending time together.

This week was also full of other events. On December 7, musicians visited us with a concert called ” Flute St. Nicholas Day, like from a fairy tale “. As you can guess, the flute played the main role on this day. Our preschoolers eagerly joined in singing songs and playing with them. It was another day full of positive emotions.

On December 14, parents visited us to prepare Christmas decorations with their children and have a nice time. Workshops for parents are an event that took place for the first time last year and was very popular. So we decided to make it a permanent part of our preschool life. Parents enjoy spending time with their children and doing tasks prepared by the teacher together. This is a day when you can also talk freely and exchange observations and experiences with each other.

After two exciting weeks, the day came and we could sit down for Christmas Eve dinner together. On December 20, all our preschoolers came to kindergarten formally dressed and were impatiently waiting for what was going to happen. The teachers prepared the tables, placed the decorations and made sure that there was a truly festive atmosphere.

December was a beautiful month full of magic. We like this time of preparation for the holidays. Joint tasks integrate children, give them a chance to learn about each other’s habits and find out what customs apply in other places and homes.

2023 is over! A new year has come, 2024. What will it be like? What it will bring? What will happen in it? We will answer these questions every month We invite you on this journey together. Stay with us!