March is the month that heralds a new season – spring. The days are starting to get longer and warmer. You can see the first leaves or buds on the trees. Nature is starting to come to life. It is also a time of many events in our kindergarten. So it’s worth taking a moment to look at them and see what interesting things happened in March. We invite you on a short journey. Let’s reminisce together.

At the very beginning, musicians visited us with a concert. The children had the opportunity to listen to songs, sing together with the musicians, and perform some interesting exercises, games and activities. The children are highly involved in the activities, they enjoy all the musical activities and are great at it.

On March 8, we celebrated Women’s Day. The boys prepared gifts for their friends, brought flowers for the teachers and expressed beautiful wishes. It was an extremely colorful and colorful day, full of many pleasant impressions. We like to celebrate such events together and spend time gaining extraordinary experiences.

From the end of February, our preschoolers took part in an educational project implemented by the Radio Zet Foundation entitled “Disability. I understand, I accept, I support.” During the course, they had the opportunity to acquire knowledge about emotions, various communication systems and communicating with people with various types of disabilities. The whole initiative aroused great interest and the children willingly took part in the exercises offered to them. They could also get beautiful stickers. It was an extremely inspiring and interesting experience.

This year, Easter also fell in March, so many of the activities we undertook had a very festive character. The children prepared various decorations related to this. Geese and Squirrels planted oats, which grew beautifully before Easter and could be taken home to decorate the Easter table. Sowing oats is also a great tactile exercise. It also allowed us to introduce the theoretical part related to the fact that spring is coming – the time of year when nature comes to life. It cannot be denied that the children had great fun during these activities. They could also watch their plants grow, which gave everyone a lot of satisfaction.

Another extremely important element of our activities was meeting with parents during spring and Easter workshops. Parents and children prepared beautiful decorations for Christmas tables, took part in physical games and had the opportunity to listen to beautiful songs. All this was accompanied by good humor, jokes, laughter and lots of conversations. We really value this time spent together because it gives us a chance to meet parents in a more informal atmosphere, exchange opinions, share experiences or just spend time together. Workshops for parents are very popular. For which we are of course very grateful.

In March, our preschoolers attended a theater performance for the first time. Usually, actors come to us, wearing beautiful costumes and with interesting decorations. This time, however, we decided to go on a trip. It turned out that we had great seats, right in front of the stage and we could freely admire the actors. The show was titled “Polish cities in fairy tales and legends”. Children had a chance to recall all the stories they heard during their stay in kindergarten and see what their heroes looked like. The music, scenography and acting made everyone follow the action on stage with bated breath. Even the teachers were delighted.

Who else visited us in March? You won’t guess… Doctors, or rather medical students from the Medical University. They came to us to show the children what a visit to the doctor looks like and what can happen during it. Children could examine their mascots, put patches on them and listen to their heartbeats. An additional attraction was that students communicated only in English

 Of course, in March there was no shortage of all kinds of art works. The dolphins made beautiful chicks and the squirrels prepared puppets. The geese also went to our playground in search of the Easter bunny.

As you can see, it was a really special month, full of emotions. We were able to gain new experiences, had a great time and had a nice time together. The weather also started to become more pleasant, which resulted in more frequent visits to the playground. We hope that April will also be full of such interesting activities.