March summary

March is the month when nature comes to life. The days are starting to get longer, the sun appears more often and everyone is eagerly waiting for spring. It is true that you should take into account the fact that “in March, like in a pot”, but there is more energy in our actions. It is true that in our kindergarten, there is plenty of energy and no matter if it is winter or spring – there is a lot going on here.

We entered the month with very positive vibes, because on March 8 we celebrated Women’s Day. Our little Women spent time only with themselves, at exclusive workshops. Teachers from the Geese group made sure that the girls felt special. During the classes, beautiful portraits and interesting art works were created. The girls were able to play freely, and at the end they received small gifts. There were also gifts from colleagues. So I guess you could say it was a special day.

A few days later, on March 14, we hosted math enthusiasts. Gentlemen, on the occasion of World Mathematics Day, conducted interesting workshops for our preschoolers, during which they showed that mathematics is not scary and you can have great fun using it. Our Kids find themselves very well in such forms of activities, they willingly take part in logical games or in solving riddles and puzzles. So it was a very attractive form of spending time for them.

On March 20, we were visited by cyclists from the “Szarża Wrocław” Sports Club, who told us how to prepare for cycling in the spring. They paid a lot of attention to the issues of safety and mindfulness while cycling. They also talked about the fact that cycling is an interesting sport that can be practiced professionally. The preschoolers had the opportunity to ride a professional bike, which gave them a lot of joy.

Cycling classes started a very intense and exciting week. On March 21, they celebrated the first day of spring. We tried to recall her in every possible way. There were outdoor activities, sports exercises, art activities and learning interesting facts about various animals. Maybe we didn’t quite manage to invite the sun, but at least we had the opportunity to gain new experiences.

On March 22, we hosted actors from the Tin Drum Theatre, who prepared for us the play “Red Riding Hood”. The show was interactive, so our preschoolers could take an active part in it. Fortunately, as it happens in fairy tales, everything ended well and nothing bad happened to Riding Hood.

On March 23, we had the pleasure of hosting musicians who decided to introduce us to the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables. We sang about these treats together. There is no denying that we have extremely talented preschoolers. They quickly learn new songs and willingly take part in all activities that are offered to them. Even the musicians were surprised that the children had no problem getting into the games.

In addition to all these events, a number of unusual holidays took place in our kindergarten. In March it was Sun Day or Waffle Day. Each of them brings a lot of joy, allows you to spend time together in an unusual way and contributes to building positive experiences. Preschoolers learn the fastest and most willingly by doing. There is no denying that then it is much easier for them to remember new information. Each such event is also an opportunity to teach children to cooperate in a group. Below are some photos that show how much fun we can have in our kindergarten

As you can see, there is no time for boredom in our kindergarten. Every day brings new challenges and gaining new experiences. We learn and have fun together. We establish cooperation with interesting people or invite representatives of important professions to make our preschoolers’ stay at the kindergarten more interesting. When it comes to teaching, we are passionate and we want our students to get as much valuable content as possible from this educational stage. I hope you are already curious about what we have planned for April 😊 As usual, it will happen.