Sensory integration is currently a very rapidly developing form of therapy. So there is no denying that more and more children need extra stimulation and support. In our kindergarten, however, we meet emerging problems by organizing interesting games and activities for children. For this reason, we take part in the National Educational Project “We play with our senses”. Its main goal is an innovative and creative approach to the subject of developing children’s senses and creating appropriate conditions for teachers to explore the world with multiple senses and build knowledge about sensory integration.

 As part of it, the following activities are proposed to children:

October – Sensory walk
November – Sensory math
December – Sensory Christmas decorations
January – Sight
February – Slime
March – Sensory coding
April – Taste and Smell
May – Sensory path

 Each month is associated with work on a different sense. Thanks to this type of activities, children spend a nice time, have a great time and have the opportunity to gain new sensory experiences. There is no denying that this is a very good initiative, also of a preventive nature. Through various sensory stimulation, we give the young person a chance to find those areas that require stimulation. Therefore, the more exercises and games we offer children, the greater the likelihood that sensory difficulties will be less noticeable.

Warto mieć bowiem świadomość, że podejmowanie działania nikomu nie zaszkodzą, a są w stanie pomóc wszystkim tym, którzy mają problem z właściwym odbiorem bodźców lub z tym, aby pojawiała się właściwa reakcja adaptacyjna. As you can see, it is worth taking various actions to stimulate the child’s development through play and build skills to cope with the excess of stimuli that appear in his environment. And below we present a gallery with photos from our sensory classes in the first semester.

(October – Sensory walk)

(November – sensory math)

(December – sensory Christmas decorations)

(January – sight)

Let these classes also be an inspiration for you to play with your children at home
Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz
Deputy headmaster, educator, SI therapist