The days in our kindergarten pass very quickly. There is no time to be bored. Sometimes it surprises us that one month turned into another, with new challenges. Even though it’s already December in the calendar, we are happy to reminisce with you what happened in November.

On November 3, a man with drums visited us. He prepared an interesting concert for us. The children could see what African drums look like and what sounds they can make. The preschoolers also turned into little musicians and, following the instructions they received, they played beautiful songs.

On November 9, we had the pleasure of hosting our wonderful Mrs. Alinka, who this time presented herself to our preschoolers in a more patriotic version. The concert was titled “When the song went to the army”, and during it the children heard patriotic, military and soldier songs. It was a perfect introduction to the events that took place here on November 10. As every year, our kindergarten took part in the “School for the Anthem” campaign. On this day, we not only sang the anthem and talked about it, but also discussed what Polish national symbols look like and why Poland had to regain independence. It was a beautiful history lesson.

What else was going on with us? Children in their groups worked bravely and prepared beautiful works. It is worth mentioning that the Squirrels used pumpkins to introduce elements of sensory integration in their classes. Pulling out the pulp and seeds was an extremely interesting experience. They also prepared a bullfinch by lining it with tissue paper balls, which is good for improving finger dexterity. One of the tasks they also undertook in November was to make a creature – a monster. For this task they needed various seeds, beads and other particles and a plastic bottle. As you can see, our little squirrel artists are growing.

What interesting things happened with the Dolphins? Our five-year-olds celebrated Crayon Day and Fairy Tale Characters Day in November. This first holiday allowed for the introduction of several exercises related to comparing and classifying objects (crayons). Children also had the opportunity to improve their mathematical skills. The Fairy Tale Characters Day was a very interesting event. Not only did we manage to talk about various heroes and read interesting stories, but we also managed to prepare a beautiful dragon 😊 Dolphins, like Squirrels, develop artistically. One of the actions they took was to prepare a bottle monster. As you can see in the photos, everyone had a great time and certainly had a nice time together.

Fairy Tale Characters Day is also a holiday celebrated in our youngest group, Geeses. Children could tell the stories of their favorite characters, but they also had many riddles and puzzles to solve. The second important event was the Teddy Bear Festival. Which preschooler doesn’t have a beloved mascot that he sleeps with or hugs in difficult moments? On this special day, each child could bring such a mascot to kindergarten and show it to their friends.

So, as you can see, the next month brought us a lot of joy and interesting memories. November doesn’t have to be gray and sad. Our teachers, like good fortune tellers, can check that there are smiles on children’s faces. Ahead of us is December, the most magical month of the year. We are looking forward to what will happen there with great impatience.