Recruitment in our kindergarten is still ongoing! We still have a few vacancies in all age groups. If you are wondering about the choice of a good facility for your child – please contact us.

What’s in our offer?

We conduct English classes according to the original program ENGLISH EVERY DAY. This allows you to get used to the language and listen to new words. Children learn to sing, recite poems, but also learn basic phrases and expressions that are useful in everyday situations.

In addition to English, it is crucial for us to take care of the physical development of children. That’s why we run gymnastics classes. We also have music classes once a week. Children are eager to learn new songs and take part in dance classes. We also offer additional karate and dance classes.

Once a month, we invite children to classes on musical instruments, which are combined with a concert. We often host actors with theatrical performances. We organize art and theater workshops, trips and outings.

Our teachers make sure that every day is interesting and inspiring. They conduct not only didactic classes, but also prepare performances, competitions and celebrations of unusual holidays.

If you are interested in getting to know us better – we invite you to a meeting J We will be happy to tell you about what working in our kindergarten looks like!