Spring is coming, a beautiful time of year. The first green leaves are beginning to appear on the branches, birds are arriving from warm countries, nature is coming to life. The days are getting longer and warmer, which fills us with optimism and joy. In kindergartens, this is the time when interesting decorations start to appear in the corridors. What can you do with children at home? We have some inspirations for games and art works that you can do together with your children. Are you curious? We invite you!

1. Planting oats or cress – this is great fun for children and an interesting nature experience at the same time. Preschoolers can independently prepare the soil for the plants, care for them and water them. Each grown plant is a great joy for the child. Additionally, you can use it to prepare Holidays decorations 😊 

2. Spring tree – to prepare it you will need a toilet paper roll, tissue paper and plasticine. The roll should be wrapped in brown tissue paper. We paste the tree crown with plasticine on a stiff card and then attach colorful tissue paper balls. The tree prepared in this way can become a decoration on the windowsill or table

3. Making an Easter lamb from salt dough or clay – preparing such a lamb takes quite a lot of time. At the very beginning you need to make the salt dough. For this purpose, water, flour and salt are mixed in appropriate proportions. When the mixture is ready, we make a lamb or other animal together and leave it to dry. Finally, we give the animal appropriate colors using paints. 


4. Easter decoration – to prepare it you will need blown eggs, a piece of bark, artificial moss, flowers and hot glue. We glue moss and blown eggs to the bark. Then we put colorful spring flowers into the blown holes. The decoration prepared in this way will be a great decoration on the Easter table. If we use real flowers, it is necessary to pour a little water into the blown cups. 


5. Cockerels – to prepare them you will need egg cartons, felt, scissors, hot glue and eggs. We cut off one egg space from the entire package. Then we draw the eyes and glue the holes and the comb. Finally, we prepare an Easter egg or Easter egg and place it in the appropriate place. This is a great way to display Easter eggs. 


We hope that the proposed exercises will be an inspiration for you to have fun at home and prepare interesting decorations together for the upcoming holidays.