December is a beautiful month with many happy events. From the very beginning, we think about holidays and time spent with loved ones. We are also preparing ourselves for these holidays. These preparations were also present in our kindergarten. In the group of Dolphins and Fish, children had Advent calendars prepared. Each day was associated with the need to perform a different task. Children drew Christmas pictures, prepared Christmas decorations, decorated their rooms and decorated gingerbread cookies. All this was done to the rhythms of Christmas songs, so from December 1 you could feel the holidays.

On December 2, musicians visited us, so we could take part in the concert. It was winter, festive and fairy-tale-like, and the main instrument that we could get to know during the course was the flute. The children liked this meeting very much. It introduced us to the magical December time and allowed us to feel the magic of the upcoming holidays. It was with us until the end of December.

On December 6, we hosted an exceptional guest. We were visited by none other than Saint Nicholas himself. He flew in his wagon drawn by reindeer to give our preschoolers unique gifts. There were conversations with Santa Claus, common photos and games. Each group prepared a short artistic performance for him. As it turned out, Saint Nicholas also loves to play, so he invited us to play together. It was an extremely exciting day, full of positive emotions, which will be remembered for a long time.


During the whole month, the children performed tasks placed on the Advent calendars. There were also tasks related to the preparation of a Christmas tree, decorations for it or gingerbread cookies for a guest from Lapland. It also turned out that the children were great at mentioning the names of reindeer pulling Santa’s harness or observing what spruce twigs looked like. All this time, it allowed preschoolers to learn about Christmas customs and winter games and contributed to the integration of children.


December 17 was a very formal day. Each group prepared a beautiful Christmas table and sat down to a common Christmas dinner. The whole day was filled with interesting movement games and art activities, during which the children prepared the last Christmas decorations. Before lunch, we made our best wishes. We also remembered to leave room for an unexpected guest. We listened to songs and carols to feel the Christmas atmosphere even better. It was a beautiful day. Our preschoolers did a great job in it !!


Just before Christmas, we were visited by the actors of the Tin Bebenek Theater with the play “The Nutcracker”. During it, the children could talk to the main characters. The performance was interactive. Beautiful decorations and interesting musical pieces had a very positive effect on the children’s perception of the performance.


As you can see, December was full of many magical events. All of them allowed us to feel the magic of the coming holidays. It was a really beautiful time. We are already looking forward to what awaits us in the new year.