December – a magical, festive month

This year, at least for a few days in December, we could feel the winter atmosphere and enjoy the snow and frost outside. In our kindergarten, it is a time when we celebrate together, meet Santa and perform various tasks from the advent calendar. You are probably curious what was so interesting in December and what tasks our teachers set for children. Therefore, I invite you on a sentimental journey Let’s experience it again.

 The December events began this year with the celebration of the Miner’s Day, which took place in the Squirrel group on 5.12. The children saw what coal looks like and learned how to mine it. They also made special mining caps. It was a day when many interesting questions were asked and it was possible to broaden one’s knowledge about the work of a miner underground.

 On December 6, we had a special visitor. He came from distant Lapland in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He brought with him a whole lot of gifts for the children. Our Kindergarteners welcomed Santa with joy, prepared gingerbread cookies, gifts and songs for him. They also invited him to play and dance together. Needless to say, it was a very emotional day.

 An interesting event took place on December 15. It was on this day that our Preschoolers celebrated Tea Day. They could observe how the tea brewing process looks like. They saw that teas can have different colors and additives. The whole event ended with a tasting of various types of teas. Even children who do not like this drink decided to taste the tea prepared by the teachers.

 The summary of this event was a concert of musicians. Our preschoolers like all forms of artistic expression, so as usual they had a nice time.

On December 16, we were visited by actors from the Blaszany Bębenek Theater with the performance “Riko the reindeer saves Christmas”. The actors encouraged the young spectators to actively participate in the performance. They also had interesting ideas and funny anecdotes that made even the teachers laugh. The show put us in a festive mood.

Christmas is largely associated with the smell of gingerbread spreading throughout the house. Teachers and students had a nice time decorating gingerbread cookies together. It was a really delicious day, and at the end each child could take a beautiful gingerbread package home. Of course, a few gingerbread cookies were left for Santa.

Christmas is also a time to prepare ornaments and decorate the Christmas tree. In connection with the participation in the “Gramy Zmysłami” campaign, children could gain new sensory experiences and at the same time have a nice time playing together. So we created long, colorful chains, paper lanterns, angels, baubles made of beads. Thanks to this, our kindergarten looked beautiful and fairy-tale. Everyone who crossed its threshold was able to feel the magic of the upcoming holidays.

 An important day for all of us was December 22. The children, beautifully and elegantly dressed, ate a Christmas dinner together and wished each other Christmas wishes. In the afternoon, our parents visited us. Together with their children, they took part in the first Christmas workshops. They prepared baubles, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, listened to winter songs and could break away from everyday duties for a while. It was a very valuable time both for us as teachers, for children and their parents.

 December was full of interesting events. The children had the opportunity to participate in joint preparations for the holidays. Each day of waiting was diversified with other tasks from the advent calendar. Preschoolers learned many Christmas songs, learned thematic poems, took part in decorating gingerbread, made Christmas cards, prepared decorations together with teachers. All these photos do not even half reflect the joy we all had from these preparations. So we trust that the next year will bring us at least as much joy as the one that has passed. We have ambitious plans, so it should work