What has the New Year brought us?

 Hello New Year You could say that at the beginning of January. Our teachers and children were happy to return to normal working mode after the Christmas break. Especially that the most important point of the month was the preparations for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day. Why was it such an important event? For the first time since the start of the pandemic, we could meet together with the invited guests. And it turned out that the guests were very good to us … but … One by one.

 From the first days of January, we worked bravely on scenarios, decorations and gifts for grandparents. The children practiced dances and songs every day. There was a lot of work, but with each passing day we were getting closer to the grand finale. It took place on January 24. At the very beginning, the grandparents visited a group of Geese, then they met the Dolphins, and at the very end they honored the Squirrels with their presence.

 Children from each group prepared beautiful performances, learned poems and various songs and did a great job with dancing. Each preschooler also had a gift prepared especially for grandparents, which he made himself. Afterwards, the children invited their grandparents for a sweet treat. Emotions on that day reached their zenith, both before, during and after the show. The grandparents were touched and delighted, and the children rose to the occasion. It was a beautiful day that we will remember for a long time.

Of course, apart from Grandma and Grandpa’s Day, there were also other things going on with us. The children did a number of arts and crafts. The oldest group prepared feeder, dolphins made snowmen, and geese pretended that the paper was snow.

On January 16, we were visited by a guest who brought African drums with him. First, he played something for us on his own, and then invited all the children and the teachers to play. It was an interesting event that allowed us to get to know a different kind of music.

On January 26, we had the pleasure of listening to a saxophone concert. As usual, our Kindergarteners were very interested and listened attentively to the trivia about this instrument, as well as the songs that they suggested for music. The fun was great, it gave a lot of joy to every participant and made it a very nice day.

We associate January with crackling winter and frost. Unfortunately, this year the temperature was not conducive to playing in the snow. Therefore, whenever it was possible, before the snow melted, our preschoolers ran out to the playground to make at least a small snowman. Perhaps others did not even notice that it was snowing. We, on the other hand, catch such opportunities and use them intensively.

 At the end of the month, a group of Dolphins decided to play puzzles together. All this was related to the celebration of International Puzzle Day. The children could bring their favorite puzzles and present them to their friends. It was also an excuse to create a puzzle yourself and put together your name from the puzzle. As you can see, Dolphins know how to spend their time effectively.

So as you can see, the beginning of the year started with a bang. We will not hide that we have a lot of plans for the coming months. So keep your fingers crossed for all of them to come true.