March is the first month when you can see the signs of coming spring. We also had various events and parties involved in it. It was also the first month when nothing stood in the way of organizing performances. We missed all this so much. No wonder that we started with a huge bang – on March 3 we hosted musicians with the concert “Spring, oh it’s you”. Our preschoolers are delighted with dancing and singing, but they also love listening to music. So it cannot be denied that these activities bring them a lot of joy.

March 8 is a fairly special day. This is when we celebrate Women’s Day. In our kindergarten, there was also some celebration on this day. The girls got small gifts made by the boys themselves. The oldest group devoted time on that day to learning about women’s professions or quizes, the solution of which was related to this particular holiday. But the younger groups also spent the day having fun and creating beautiful works.

Immediately after Women’s Day, on March 9, we had a theater with a theatrical performance. We also missed this form of spending time, so we followed with bated breath what the artists had to present to us. Of course, it was another wonderful time.

What happened on March 21? You can only imagine what our joy was on that day. Well… Lady Spring herself visited us. She brought beautiful weather with her. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to spend this time on the playground, sowing seeds, planting plant bulbs and observing the first signs of spring. The children made beautiful spring works that not only hung in the rooms, but also brightened our corridors. A day later, we celebrated the International Water Day.

The oldest group, 01/25, said they would be celebrating Waffle Day. This is such a special holiday, so our preschoolers rolled up their sleeves and, together with the Teachers, prepared beautifully fragrant and tasty waffles, which were then served with fruit or jam. The joy of the young chefs was enormous. And the taste of the waffles? You have to take my word for it, they were delicious.