May is a beautiful spring month. You can finally see everything bloom and come back to life after the cool April days. We went to work with full enthusiasm. A lot has happened this month in our kindergarten, but everyone had a lot of fun with the activities. So we are going on a journey in time to remember what our Preschoolers participated in.

We started basically from the very beginning, already on May 6. The Lord with parrots visited us. The birds were beautiful and colorful and could even say a few words. Brave preschoolers approached and stroked parrots. It also turned out that during the classes, the children learned about where these birds come from and how they behave in everyday life. The children experienced this meeting for a long time and remembered how interesting the classes were.

The first delight after meeting with parrots has passed, and we already had another guest. On May 10, we were visited by a dentist. Our kindergarten takes part in a preventive campaign to prevent tooth decay in children. And that was the main topic of our meeting. The dentist told a few interesting facts about teeth and reminded how to care for them. At the end, she also prepared some surprises for children – coloring books. This topic harmonized well with the fact that a few days earlier we received materials related to caring for teeth prepared by Jordan, and sent as part of the Czyściochowe Przedszkole campaign. So it can be concluded that our kids know very well how to brush their teeth and what to do to keep them healthy.

On May 17, our oldest preschoolers, Rybki, decided to celebrate Tea Day. It turned out that everyone liked to drink this drink, and that the weather was good, together with the ladies they made iced tea to cool down. The children also developed their fine motor skills by preparing beautiful cups that had to be cut and assembled by themselves. There were also interesting puzzles and various information about tea, which surprised many preschoolers.

On May 20, we celebrated the Bee Day in our kindergarten. It should be remembered that bees are very useful insects that contribute to pollination of plants. Our kids not only broadened their knowledge about them, but also made headbands that allowed them to turn into bees for a moment. In addition, the teachers suggested interesting movement games that significantly diversified the classes.

On May 19, we celebrated the Day of Good Deeds. It was a good excuse to thank each other, say a kind word, or give a little something. Our preschoolers try to behave in this way every day, they are nice and friendly towards each other. Therefore, this day only allowed us to consolidate positive habits. It was also an excuse to prepare laurels for myself.

May 26 is a day that nobody needs to be reminded of. All children, both large and small, know that they are celebrating their mothers on this day. We also remembered this in our kindergarten. Each group has prepared some gifts for mothers. There were cards, gifts, kind words and wishes. Everyone knows that mom is the most important in the whole world !!!

On May 30, we celebrated the Day of the Cosmos. Children have a very rich knowledge of the planets and the Milky Way, they can share many interesting facts in this regard. So they willingly took part in a magical and cosmic journey. Together with their Ladies, they learned the names of the planets, and some even had the opportunity to prepare their own planet. The children also learned what the solar system is and what needs to be done to be able to really go into space. It was an extremely inspiring day.

As I mentioned, May was full of interesting events, meetings and parties. It allowed us to get to know ourselves better and gain new, inspiring experiences. In addition to all the above-mentioned days, our preschoolers developed their graphomotor skills every day, painted beautifully with paints and crayons, exercised during sports classes and systematically recorded words in English. As you can see, we are not idle, we only act 😊