What’s been happening in November?


 They say that November is one of the saddest months of the year. The days are short and cloudy, it often rains, is windy and cold. The colorful autumn ends, the leaves fall from the trees, the grass turns pale green and people miss the sun. With us, however, each month has its own color and charm. We love to have fun and spend time together, and our wonderful teachers make sure that there is a joyful atmosphere in groups every day. So what happened in November? See for yourself

 We started the month very intensively. We took advantage of the last sunny days and beautiful weather and went on a trip to Maciejowy Sad in Lutynia. It was a great experience for all our preschoolers. Riding the bus, walking in the orchard, tasting apples, and finally picking them. The children also had the opportunity to try delicious apple juice. They also took part in a horse competition and it turned out that they would be fantastic fruit growers. We came back tired (some even fell asleep on the bus), but we brought with us a whole lot of apples and wonderful memories. It turns out that preschoolers are great at trips and are eager to gain new experiences.

Immediately after the trip, a very intense week began for our Kids. On November 7, Squirrels and Geese celebrated Fairy-tale Characters Day. Children could dress up as their favorite heroes, learn about fairy tales, watch books and take part in various competitions. They could show their knowledge of songs from fairy tales, but they also answered the knowledge quiz. The games were combined with sensory stimulation. Like Cinderella, our Kindergarteners had to, for example, separate peas from beans. Of course, it was a very intense day, full of many impressions.

On the same day, in reference to the unusual holiday, we took part in the puppet show “Thumbelina”. The children could learn about the story of a little girl and her adventures. The whole was enriched with singing and music.

Group of Dolphins celebrated Healthy Eating Day on November 8th. The children got acquainted with the food pyramid and the most important vitamins that are present in food. They learned the rhyme “Vitamin ABC”, but also took part in sports activities and games, which are an inseparable element of leading a healthy lifestyle.

On November 10, we celebrated Independence Day in our kindergarten. At 11:11 our preschoolers, dressed in their best clothes, sang the Polish anthem as part of the “School for the anthem” campaign. White and red flags and cotillions were prepared for this occasion, and the Squirrels learned the song “We are a Pole”. Finally, we also talked about another historically significant event, namely the Warsaw Uprising. Children could watch a puppet show about the insurgents. All this happened as part of the activities related to the “BohaterOn” campaign. So you can see that it was a very important day for us. Geese, Dolphins and Squirrels got to know national symbols and could feel the atmosphere related to celebrating national holidays.

On November 21, sensory math classes were held in our kindergarten. Children had the opportunity to perform various types of mathematical tasks with the use of unusual objects, such as: blocks, clothespins, chestnuts, bags, marshmallows or linseed. Thanks to this, we experienced various stimuli and recorded the shapes of numbers or mathematical signs. It was definitely an interesting day, full of unobvious games

On November 24, we hosted musicians who delighted us with pieces from the canon of classical music. The children were enchanted and calmly listened to the individual sounds. There were also games and activities that the leading ladies offered to the Preschoolers.

On November 25, a group of Squirrels celebrated Teddy Bear Day. Teddy bears are mascots that accompany children in both beautiful and sad moments. It turns out that every child has their favorite cuddly toy that they could present. Our Kindergarteners also prepared beautiful art works. They made a polar bear using paints and colored paper.

At the end of the month, the Dolphins had a surprise waiting for them. It turned out that on November 30, Mickey Mouse celebrated his birthday. And if so, it was necessary to celebrate this day in a proper way. The children could watch a short film with her participation and did art work. It gave everyone a lot of joy.

What was going on in Geeses at that time? Our youngest group learns new skills every day and has a nice time with each other. Children have the opportunity to experience new things and acquire new skills. They become cooks, painters, walk, exercise and play with each other. In a word, you could say that they don’t have time for boredom

Another month full of different impressions is behind us. There’s a lot going on, but we like it a lot. Children have the opportunity to build relationships with each other, gain new experiences, improve various skills. And all this takes place in an atmosphere of fun. What will December be like? Considering that this is one of the most beautiful and magical months, we can assume that it will be wonderful and of course full of interesting activities Are you looking forward to what this month will bring us? Because we do