Fall is in full swing, which means it’s getting colder and it’s raining more often. However, this does not prevent us from working at all. The teachers have a lot of interesting ideas and constantly diversify classes for preschoolers. In addition, various guests visit us, we can sing, dance and watch shows. So we invite you to familiarize yourself with what happened in our kindergarten in October

Our dear Teachers come up with various unusual holidays all the time. This month, the Squirrels group celebrated Board Games Day and International Music Day. Both festivals were very popular among seniors. It turned out that our kids not only sing beautifully, but also do great in board games. The kids could bring their favorite game to kindergarten and tell their friends about the rules of playing it.

Four-year-olds, i.e. a group of Dolphins, celebrated the Day of the Polish Post and the Day of the Mongrel. In the first case, children had the opportunity to learn about the route taken by a sent letter. They also made the envelopes and the mailbox themselves. The preschoolers also wrote a letter to Mrs. Jadzia, who they missed very much.

Mongrel’s day is a celebration of all dogs. The dog is one of man’s best friends. Young seekers of knowledge got to know the fairy tale Reksio and made beautiful mongrels on their own.

Geese, on the other hand, celebrated Tree Day in their group. During the classes, they learned to recognize trees, they could touch twigs and leaves. They also did a variety of art work related to trees on their own. On October 12, our kindergarten was visited by Ms Optician. She told the children about the work of an optician, showed interesting equipment, and even allowed the children to put on her apron. Children could also check what it’s like to wear glasses or look through a magnifying glass.

On October 19, we had the pleasure of hosting the actors of the Blaszany Bębenek theater. They offered us a play called “Pipi”. The main character had many adventures, and on her way she met various interesting people who later became her friends. Colorful decorations, real actors in colorful costumes and an interesting plot made the children closely follow the fate of the brave girl.

On October 29, we took part in the autumn music concert. Preschoolers got interesting accessories, such as hats or gifts of autumn. Their task was to check what sounds these gifts make. Everything was accompanied by beautiful accordion sounds. The children could sing, dance and listen to autumn songs.

Our kindergarten also participates in various projects. One of them is the action “Gramy Zmysłami”. As part of it, each month we have a different sensory task to complete. In October it was a sensory walk. The children collected leaves, listened to the sounds made by various birds and the wind. It was an extremely interesting experience.

October in our kindergarten is inseparably associated with a competition for the most beautiful pumpkin. Children and their parents show creativity and prepare beautiful works. This year we could see fish, babies, cars and horses, all made with pumpkins. Thank you very much for your commitment and taking part in this event. On Friday, October 28, our preschoolers voted for the pumpkin they liked the most. We selected 3 winners and awarded one honorable mention. Other participants received diplomas and sweet treats.

Whew… It was an extremely intense month. Many events took place in it. Of course, we are not slowing down and we think that November will also be interesting. How did you like October in our kindergarten?