September is a wonderful month. The sun is still shining, you can feel the last twitches of summer, and yet autumn is just around the corner with its beautiful, colorful leaves, Indian summer and mushrooms in the forests. This month has been special for us for many reasons. Not only did we start the new kindergarten year and welcomed the youngest children to our humble home, but we also said goodbye to our beloved Mrs. Jadzia. Do you want to know what it all looked like and what was going on with us? I invite you to join me on a journey through the following September days.

At the beginning, however, it is appropriate to introduce the groups that will function in our kindergarten from this year. The oldest Squirrels are five and six years old, who are already bravely learning to read and write. Four-year-olds, Dolphins, dance a lot, exercise and start to do more and more exercises in the field of fine and gross motor skills. The youngest Geeses (three-year-olds) underwent adaptation in September. Of course, at the beginning there were tears and sadness, but thanks to the commitment and support of Mrs. Agnieszka and Mrs. Ania, the children quickly felt good in their group and started going to kindergarten with joy.

At the very beginning, the children got to know the rules of the kindergarten and talked a lot about the emotions that accompany them. Coding helped in this process. Squirrels really like to use these things in class, so they actively participate in coding exercises.

On September 8, our seniors had the opportunity to feel nice. It was Good News Day. They prepared cards for each other, and during physical games they had the opportunity to spend time together and integrate even better.

On September 16, the group of Dolphins celebrated Hairdresser’s Day. The children had the opportunity to feel like real hairdressers for a moment. They talked about their favorite hairstyles, created them themselves, but also had a great time with music, dancing and jumping. It turned out that in this group there are extremely talented stylists who can surprise many adults with their ingenuity.

On September 20, our preschoolers celebrated their holiday – Preschooler’s Day. No one was bored that day. There were games, riddles, refreshments and awarding of diplomas. We could relax and unwind together. It was a really special and fun day.

On September 23, together we greeted probably the most colorful season of the year – Autumn. In our kindergarten, we are very happy about all these chestnuts, from which you can build people and colorful leaves that create a beautiful autumn bouquet. We don’t even mind that it rains sometimes. This time of the year has a lot of magic and … it can be boldly presented in various works of art.

One of the most interesting moments of welcoming autumn in our kindergarten is a painting session. Children, dressed like real artists-painters, grab brushes and try to paint what is the most beautiful in autumn. They use many colors of paint for this. Each work is one of a kind. This year, the weather was so beautiful that we managed to carry out the plein air outdoors.

On September 27, we hosted theater artists. They prepared for us an interesting spectacle “Land without the sun”. This interactive show was based in particular on the play of light and sound. Our preschoolers were extremely interested in it and had many positive comments after its completion. Theatrical performances are a permanent element in our preschool everyday life and there is no denying that children are impatiently waiting for the actors to arrive.

 28 września świętowaliśmy natomiast Dzień Jabłka. Dzieci miały możliwość dotknięcia jabłuszek, posmakowania ich, ale również zostały one wykorzystane do doskonalenia umiejętności przeliczania elementów.

September 30 was a nice touch. On this day we celebrated Men’s Day. Our little gentlemen received small gifts and diplomas. It was a really nice time that we managed to spend together having fun. As you can see, there is no time for boredom in our kindergarten. Every day brings a lot of joy. Children willingly take part in the games offered to them. Celebrating unusual holidays become a great variety of everyday activities. Each group celebrates two such special days a month. You can then learn a lot of interesting things or check practically what something looks like.

In kindergarten, in addition to these joyful moments, we also learn to deal with difficult emotions. No one likes goodbyes, but they happen to us. After many years of working in our kindergarten, Mrs. Jadzia – a golden woman, retired. She was the one who made sure our kids didn’t go hungry. She also served with a kind word, hug or help. Together with the children, we said goodbye to her, but we also asked her to visit us whenever she had free time.

Are you curious about what October looked like? Because we do not hide that he also brought a lot of impressions.