What did February look like in our Preschoolers?

February is the shortest month of the year, which means you have to make the most of it. There is no boredom in our kindergarten. We try to ensure that preschoolers have the opportunity to gain a variety of interesting experiences. For this reason, we organize events, invite interesting guests and choose unusual holidays that we celebrate together. Fun always comes first. That was also in February. So I hope you want to reminisce with us for a while!

On February 9, we were visited by musicians with a guitar They played and sang many songs for us, but also prepared a dummy guitar, which was used by children invited by them to cooperate. Music is an inseparable element of our preschool life, which is why we are very happy when we have the opportunity to experience it.

On the same day, we celebrated a tasty holiday in our kindergarten – International Pizza Day. Preschoolers had the opportunity to turn into chefs and prepare their own (imaginary) dishes. The teachers used a lot of activities during the classes, also related to learning English.

We barely had time to cool down after the concert, and more attractions were waiting for us. February is the time of the carnival and we also could not miss the carnival ball. Our Teachers prepared a beautiful decoration and took us on a journey to the jungle. Children turned into fairy-tale heroes, firemen, pirates or pets. On this day there were dance games, puzzles, riddles and competitions. Everyone had a great time.

The carnival ball took place on February 14, which is the same day as a very popular holiday – Valentine’s Day. For a few days in our kindergarten corridor there was a box for Valentine’s cards. Anyone could put something in it. It turned out that there were so many letters that it was hard to get them out of the box. All the children got cards. Our youngest group, Geese, also exchanged cards with children from another kindergarten. It was a very interesting initiative.

On February 21, we were visited by the Tin Drum Theater with the performance “Anaruk from Greenland”. The theme was perfect for the winter aura. As usual, the actors did not disappoint and provided us with a lot of impressions. They encouraged the children to actively participate in the performance and made sure that everyone had a good time. It was a really nice time!

Of course, that’s not all that’s going on with us. This month we cut and drew a lot, in other words, we developed artistically. So there was no time to be bored. Children prepared interesting art works, carnival masks, geometric figures. Such activities very well develop concentration and fine motor skills. Thanks to this, we practice hand-eye coordination and precision. These tasks give children the opportunity to improve their patience skills and help build their self-esteem. Therefore, it can be concluded that artistic activity is a very important area of kindergarten work.

February is a month when there should be a lot of snow outside. Unfortunately… Snow is a scarce commodity. Such a situation prompted Geese to prepare it on their own. For this purpose, shaving foam and potato flour were used. Playing with dirty substances perfectly fits into the assumptions of the “We play with our senses” program, which is systematically implemented in our kindergarten.

Geese like animals, which is why they celebrated Cat Day in their group. A lady who has several cats was invited to the classes and she not only shared her knowledge about them, but also showed interesting films with cats in the lead role. The whole was complemented by various cat physical activities. The children were walking like kittens, stretching and rolling around. These were very interesting classes.

The Squirrels, on the other hand, deepened their knowledge about dinosaurs. They learned what dinosaurs were called and what they looked like, learned about their food preferences and the specifics of their lifestyle. All this was accompanied by various tasks, such as puzzles, mathematical activities, art works related to the topic of the classes.

February was a very interesting month. A lot has happened, both in the artistic and cognitive spheres. We have greatly expanded our knowledge with interesting topics. There are many attractions waiting for us in March Spring is finally coming, and spring is a breath of freshness and good energy.

Justyna Kapuścińska-Kozakiewicz