February was the months where we had to cut back on events and meetings with outsiders because of the pandemic. Therefore, we spent time in our group. It turned out that we are able to organize many interesting activities, thanks to which the children did not feel the lack of extra-curricular activities.

The first very important event that took place in February was the recording of the performances on Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day. The recording was delayed, so this year our grandparents had to be a bit patient. However, the performances of our preschoolers rewarded them with this expectation. The children said their poems beautifully and sang many songs. The decorations, costumes and the music and dance setting contributed to the fact that all the performances were unique. For some preschoolers – Dolphins – it was the first event of this type. Thanks to the support of their tutors, they managed very well. These performances touched us very much, so we suppose that both parents and grandparents were very proud of their children.

We barely managed to cool down after the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day performances, and it’s Valentine’s Day. In our kindergarten, this year, there was a Valentine’s Day post. Children and parents sent each other greeting cards. It was a really special day, full of good emotions and positive words for each other. The children were very happy with the gifts from their friends.

February is also the month of the carnival. We also had great fun at that time. On February 24, our kindergarten rooms turned into ballrooms. And instead of typical preschoolers, princesses, super heroes and characters from fairy tales appeared in kindergarten. There were integration games, dances to music and delicious snacks. Due to the fact that Fat Thursday fell on that day, there were also donuts on our tables.

It was an extremely intense day, full of various attractions. It cannot be denied that the children left our game happy and very tired at the same time. But they have great memories.

As you can see, February was full of positive emotions. All our activities show that children can have fun together. Each game teaches them how to cooperate with each other, how to solve emerging problems and how to help each other. Thanks to our teachers, children feel safe in kindergarten, have a chance to gain interesting experiences and build memories to which they will come back for some time 😊

Childhood is a beautiful time and we are here to make it even more special.