January was a month full of various challenges. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we gave up additional activities, but this did not mean that our children were not doing anything at that time. In January, intensive preparations for the performances on the occasion of Grandma and Grandpa’s Day began. Our preschoolers got poems to master, they learned songs, dancing, playing instruments. All this was conducive to great fun and gave a lot of joy to both students and teachers.

Gifts for grandparents were also prepared. Each group had a different idea. Dolphins made impressions in the salt mass of their hands, Cats made hearts from salt mass, and Rybki prepared beautiful cards in which, apart from wishes, grandparents could see photos of their grandchildren. Each work was done very carefully and accurately and gave our preschoolers a lot of joy. Children were telling about their grandparents and grandmothers and recalling stories related to them. So we were able to find out what children like to do with their grandparents and what memories they have from, for example, trips or games together.

Of course, there were also English classes at that time. Children had the opportunity to learn songs about animals. They learned about games during which the acquired vocabulary was used in practice. Puns were one of such games. Children are happy to show various activities or animals and guess passwords presented by friends.

Sports activities conducted by Mr. Oskar were also invariably popular. During these exercises, children perform various exercises and activities, thus improving general fitness, posture and muscle tone. Mr. Oskar offers our preschoolers running games, equivalent or strengthening eye-hand coordination. Children are waiting impatiently for these classes.

January is also carnival time. So the children could make masks that could be used at a ball. It should be noted that all playing with paints is very attractive for children. Dolphins derive a lot of joy from this type of activity and are able to use painting tools very well.

We also celebrate children’s birthdays in our kindergarten. When our Kindergarten has its holiday, we sing together for 100 years and make wishes. At the festive table, we also eat a snack prepared by the parents of our birthday boy.