October is the month that introduces us to the beautiful golden autumn. The days are getting shorter and colder, and you can see many colorful leaves on the trees. The weather is spoiling us this year and we can’t complain about the temperatures. It’s quite warm, so it’s no problem to spend time on the playground, observing the changes taking place in nature.

There is a lot going on in our kindergarten every month. So, October is no exception here. We started the month with a beautiful concert where we had the opportunity to learn about a new musical instrument – the double bass. The children, as usual, were very curious and eagerly participated in singing and making music together. We are looking forward to the next concerts. We like to spend time this way.

A week later, on October 12, a group of Squirrels went to the Museum of Post and Telecommunications. In addition to interesting exhibits, we also learned how people communicated in the past. We also had the opportunity to make a telephone out of a string and two cups. It turned out that this way you can easily share information. Of course, at a short distance. Our trip to the museum was very long, we took many public transports. But it was another new experience for our beautiful collection

The end of October is inextricably linked to the celebration of the Pumpkin Festival. Our children and their parents take part in a competition to prepare the most interesting pumpkin. So we could see minions, Pokemon, fairies, princesses, ships and cars. The creativity of the participants knows no limits. This is an event that has become a permanent part of the tradition of our kindergarten. At the end, all preschoolers vote for the pumpkin they think is the most beautiful. All participants received diplomas and sweet refreshments, and the final three received small gifts.

In addition to this type of events, each group also organized their own unusual holidays, which greatly diversified everyday work. In October, children talked about artists, smiles and mutts. The kids also prepared a fruit salad and walked along the autumn sensory path. October is also the first month of additional classes. Our kindergarten offers classes in karate, roboblocks, dance, clay and acrobatics. Preschoolers also go to the swimming pool every week, where they learn to swim under the supervision of instructors.

October was a month introducing us to systematic work for the coming year. A lot of things became sorted out and clarified for us. Children have English classes every day, and once a week they can practice rhythm and have fun at theater classes. In the meantime, teachers organize many interesting games and activities that allow preschoolers to gain new experiences and build the ability to cooperate in a group. November is ahead of us. So we are looking forward to what it will bring us.