Kids Island - A place to learn and play

A child needs an ideal place to develop his or her creativity and to use unlimited energy.
In our kindergarten, we give your child the opportunity to learn through play and play through learning,
to develop their passions and to teach with pleasure.

Natural English learning

A child naturally assimilates foreign languages when he or she has the opportunity to learn every day by playing
with an experienced teacher. Our little ones also learn from each other because Ibmek is an international kindergarten.
Our children come from different parts of the world and have a lot to say about themselves!

Welcome to Kids Island kindergarten!

In a place where your child will learn the language of empathy, understanding, sensitivity and

We want children in our kindergarten to be good friends for each other, so they can spend great time together!

Our kindergarten

Kids Island kindergarten is the only kindergarten in the area that has been created for parents who work in corporations and also for parents who want to provide their children the best education, development, pedagogical support and safety during their stay at work. We want to thank our parents for the trust they have given us.

English every day

English is perceived as the language of the future, thanks to which we will be able to communicate with people from different parts of the world. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring that children have constant contact with it. In our kindergarten, we conduct English classes according to our original program.

Write to us

Our kindergarten is open to parents every day from Monday to Friday. If you are interested in recruitment or if you want to get more information about our kindergarten, please contact us via the contact form or by phone. We are happy to answer all your questions.

What is our mission?

Dear parents – moms and dads!

Welcome to Kids Island kindergarten. We are delighted to be able to host you on our website. We will show you how we will learn your children through play, by performing specific tasks according to the curriculum, mutual respect and social life in a group.

The most important goal for us, as educators, was to create a place where children would feel safe, and they will be happy to come to our kindergarten to play and learn with their friends.

We did it!

Kids Island kindergarten

We support your child’s daily development!

We support your child’s daily development! We can confidently say that many parents trusted us. By appreciating modern solutions and teaching aids, we are building a unique atmosphere every day. Children in our kindergarten learn foreign languages (especially English), living in a group and communing with people from different cultures.

We teach children to be tolerant and respectful to other people, regardless of their nationality, appearance, or the language they use. We build mutual relations and friendships.